Loyalty program

Developed by UDS

The main system component designed to retain and motivate customers. Flexible settings allow customizing the loyalty program for individual tasks. More information in the UDS Help Center .



  • Discounts and rewards are integral parts of the loyalty program. Discounts allow customers to get a deduction from the total purchase amount. Rewards are points that customers can get and then redeem in the company.
  • Welcome points are bonus points that customers receive for joining the company. It motivates them to make the first purchase and provide personal information.
  • Manual accrual of points allows selecting one or several customers by certain criteria to send them a push notification and extra points.
  • Multilevel loyalty program consists of levels with a certain rate of discount/rewards. Levels can be upgraded both manually and automatically. Upgrade conditions are assigned individually.
  • Birthday points are bonus points that customers receive on their special day. The platform with a built-in calendar helps to keep track of customers’ birthdays, set an automatic accrual of points and send a message with greetings.
  • Items for points are goods that customers can purchase with points got in a certain company. It is a good way to motivate customers to collect points.


Choose tariff
Welcome points
Manual accrual of points
Multilevel loyalty program
Birthday points
Number of items and services payable with points to be posted in UDS

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